Author: Book-a 13 | 01 | 2016
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Narrative Architecture: A Manifesto

Author: Garcia Frankowski / WAI Think Tank 02 | 01 | 2014
© Garcia Frankowski


There is a form of architecture that aims at not getting built. An architecture on paper that should not be confused with paper architecture. An architecture based on pure statements in which real brick, mortar, and poured concrete are substituted by cut-and-pasted paper and narrative prose. An architecture about the failed and accomplished ambitions of buildings and master plans. An architecture that although focused on the critique of this ambition... Continue reading

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Las Gafas de Le Corbusier

Author: Ángel Martínez García-Posada 16 | 12 | 2013
© Ángel Martínez García-Posada

Hace unos años, fruto de la casualidad o de los tiempos, distintos empresarios, no sé si en algunos casos coincidentes, empezaron a inaugurar en mi ciudad bares con nombres de arquitectos. Todos ellos tenían un perfil semejante, locales pequeños en el centro o en torno a él, con un vistoso logo en el umbral, abstrayendo algún paradigma del autor elegido, más reclamo que homenaje; en triste paradoja, el interior resultaba anodino... Continue reading

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"Passable Orographies":
Noon Session, Sevilla

Author: Book-a 14 | 10 | 2013
© Vibok Works

Last 8th October Grupo Aranea delivered the lecture "Building Legends", within the framework of the Noon Lectures Cycle at the ETSA of Seville. Taking advantage of this occasion —and as part of the book "Passable Orographies" we are currently developing with Grupo Aranea— we organized an EDITORIAL PICNIC. This event was an alternative format for the formal Question Time which usually follows lectures and... Continue reading

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Opening of the Architecture
Film Festival of Rotterdam 2013

Author: Book-a 10 | 10 | 2013
© AFFR 2013

If you want to see how the opening felt like at the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) 2013, with "The Competition" and Ángel Borrego Cubero as protagonists of the evening, here you have a brief video from the event.

... Continue reading

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Author: Book-a 09 | 10 | 2013
© Vibok Works

It's time for the second stop on the itinerary of three cities for which we create the contents of "Passable Orographies" about the work by Grupo Aranea.

As you know, we are developing this book as a travelogue that goes through three cities: Barcelona, Seville and Alicante. In each of these cities the contents are created in situ, in conversations and exchanges with people from each place. In Seville, in collaboration with the ETSA and Noon Conferences Series... Continue reading

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Books have guts: a video on Missbehave edition.

Author: Book-a 02 | 10 | 2013
© Vibok Works

'Missbehave' is dedicated to the underground ties between ‘Ostalgia’ and ‘Big Exit’ series by photographer Simona Rota. While ‘Ostalgia’ evokes the effects of monumental buildings and infrastructures subtly displayed in soviet cities as political propaganda, ‘Big Exit’ talks about the tensions between domestic space and its inhabitant, whose appropriation instinct becomes a political act.

This video shows some of the key... Continue reading

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Administrative Landscape
OSS at LaBoral

Author: Book-a 29 | 09 | 2013
Photo © Marcos Morilla

"Administrative Landscape. Form Follows Norm" is the project proposed by OSS / Angel Borrego Cubero to participate in the exhibition “Learning from the Cuencas” for LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, 2013.

“Administrative Landscape” proposes to revise the solutions found and exposed to learning in the Cuencas Mineras (Coalfields)... Continue reading

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Author: Book-a 19 | 09 | 2013



fail to hit, reach, or come into contact with (something aimed at).

fail to notice, hear, or understand.

(miss someone/thing out) British fail to include someone or something; omit.

notice the loss or absence of.

(no object) (of an engine or motor vehicle) undergo failure of ignition in one or more cylinders.


a failure to hit, catch, or reach something.

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Author: Recolectores Urbanos S.L 19 | 09 | 2013
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Book-a in PechaKucha
Global Night Sevilla.

Author: Book-a 05 | 09 | 2013
©2013 pechakucha

Our crowdfunding platform for editors Book-a has been chosen for the broadcast event of creative ideas that will be held on September 20th in the CICUS of Seville.

Book-a is a cloud-shared infrastructure based on books, technology and crowdfunding. It was created with the aim of enhacing critical reflection on the environments we inhabit and the ways we experience and transform them... Continue reading

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The Lubetkin’s innovator collage.

Author: Recolectores Urbanos S.L 27 | 08 | 2013

The russian architect changed the traditional English architecture with his pionner project Highpoint I&II where collage was used as a design tool.

In the ’30, the English architectura was strongly conservative, building followed the main principle of english racionalism.   In this years, those buildings didn’t follow it was considered an abomination.

However with this historic and cultural setting, a group... Continue reading

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Author: Recolectores Urbanos S.L 19 | 08 | 2013
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Garcia Frankowski's Interview.

Author: Book-a 05 | 08 | 2013
Images by García Frankowski.

Garcia Frankowski is a creative practice formed by Cruz García (San Juan, 1983), architect, artist and writer from Puerto Rico graduated by the University of Puerto Rico, and Nathalie Frankowski (Dundee, 1985), architect, poetess and artist graduated by the Ecole French Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture of Paris La Villette.

In 2008 they both founded in Brussels ... Continue reading

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Recolectores Urbanos
publishers join Book-a.

Author: Book-a 31 | 07 | 2013
© Recolectores Urbanos

We want to welcome to Book-a the publishing group Recolectores Urbanos. We are very excited about this participation.

Recolectores Urbanos was created in Seville by three young entrepreneurs whose names are Enriqueta Molina Segura (physicist), Daniel Ayala Serrano (architect and social media) and Ferrán Ventura Blanch (architect and teacher). This initiative... Continue reading

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We are happy to welcome
Garcia Frankowski.

Author: Book-a 15 | 07 | 2013
© Gracía Frankowski

We are pleased to present Garcia Frankowski, new guest editors invited to bring their projects to the Book-a platform.

Garcia Frankowski is a creative practice formed by Cruz García (San Juan, 1983), architect, artist and writer from Puerto Rico graduated by the University of Puerto Rico, and Nathalie Frankowski (Dundee, 1985), architect, poetess and artist... Continue reading

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finally in our hands.

Author: Book-a 08 | 07 | 2013
Pic © Lugadero

We are happy to give you this news!

Missbehave, by photographer and artist Simona Rota becomes the first book produced through y Book-a. Edited by Paula Álvarez and published by Vibok Works, the book consists of a limited edition of 100 copies signed and numbered by the author.

We would greatly... Continue reading

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Opening & book launch.

Author: Book-a 06 | 07 | 2013
The Big Exit exhibition at Un Gato en Bicicleta.

The opening of the crossed-exhibition Missbehave was a big success!

We would firstly like to thank Un Gato en Bicicleta and Lugadero his dedicated works for hosting and organizing the event and, above all, to Simona Rota, her presence on this special day. We were very fortunate to have her intervention in both scenarios, and had had the opportunity to exchange... Continue reading

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Missbehave: Simona Rota.
Opening on Friday, July 5th

Author: Book-a 02 | 07 | 2013

Next Friday, July 5th, will be presented in Sevillla the exhibition Missbehave, organized by Lugadero and Un Gato en Bicicleta, which has its origin in a homonym book co financed in Book-a.

This is a crossed exhibition dedicated to the series Big Exit and Ostalgia of artist and photographer Simona Rota. Missbehave seeks to bring to light the underground ties between two apparently very different jobs. Both share the same concern about the possibility of the... Continue reading

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Author: Book-a 28 | 06 | 2013
At Vibok Works desk

We love the word that Simona Rota has chosen as the title of her book: Missbehave.

It is an invented word that (according to my understanding) evokes the 'radical behaviorism' of B. F. Skinner and the works investigating the link between environment, design and behavior of the postwar period as well as the psychology of space. The idea that behavior is reactive to the environment can lead to the assumption that... Continue reading

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