Last 8th October Grupo Aranea delivered the lecture "Building Legends", within the framework of the Noon Lectures Cycle at the ETSA of Seville. Taking advantage of this occasion —and as part of the book "Passable Orographies" we are currently developing with Grupo Aranea— we organized an EDITORIAL PICNIC. This event was an alternative format for the formal Question Time which usually follows lectures and presentations.

We really enjoyed Grupo Aranea's lecture. It was a gift to have the opportunity to learn so thoroughly and with such warmth exposure the legends and process behind Grupo Aranea's constructions. From Vibok Works we would like to congratulate this office for both their great work and enormous tenacity.

As for the editorial action, we designed little cards to be filled in by the conference attendees, who were invited to write a comment or a question related to Grupo Aranea's lecture. At the end of the event,  we collected this feedback and moved to amore relaxed atmosphere, to have a lunch-debate. Francisco Leiva took some of these questions randomly and reacted to them: each card-and-answer originated a little debate between those who were gathered around the table. We loved the experience!

All this exchange will continue in the following months and will be incorporated in the book "Passable Orographies. Aranea-Leiva Notebooks".

We would like to thank Paco Sánchez and Javier López, from the Culture Department of ETSAS, and to all those who participated in our EDITORIAL PICNIC.

Hope to see you very soon at the next and last stop of our book-trip, which will be organised by Grupo Aranea in Alicante.

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