Book-a relies on your support and commitment to achieve a common objective. Thanks to the promoters, we can move forward, adding people, ideas and contents to the project. We leave you with a handful of very good reasons why book-a is so unique and special:

Book-a is a project driven by values such as cooperation, co-responsibility, transparency and permeability. We work in favour of content and people and are critical of the stalemate in the distorted editorial world where mass media displaces that which is meticulous and cared for and where fantastic books and reader-less books are more and more abundant.

When you promote a project on book-a, regardless of the compensation you choose, you are contributing to the collective creation of an online shared resource, the book-ateca: a cloud library that brings together all the content promoted on the platform partially or in its entirety according to specifications in each project. Promoters on book-allow will see this library emerge and grow right before their eyes. Everyone who participates is a co-creator but also takes co-responsibility: That is why the level of use and commitment “feeds back” access to the book-ateca.

Book-a envisions the reader also as a productive agent, one who participates from the very beginning in the creation of book-a and whose work is just as important as that of authors, editors, directors, designers, programmers and all other agents who “develop” the platform. The author of the book receives 10% of funds collected. All projects are based on the premise that, today in age, readers are "small editors" who co-produce reality with their choices and preferences: a role we would like to encourage and capture so as to enrich book-a while always seeking the production of high quality documents.

Transparency is a value we strive to cultivate in all aspects of book-a by publically sharing all titles and projects from the get-go which remain open to contributions that may arise along the way. The advantages of transparency also apply to financial matters: From the moment it is born until the moment it is incorporated into book-a, each project has a financial trajectory that users can consult at all times. 

Book-a runs a very tight budget, one that is adapted to current times, but it is committed to paying for the intellectual work of authors, editors, directors and collaborators, something that may seem obvious but unfortunately is not common practice. For the time being, pay is symbolic as we are just staring up but we hope that later on we will be able to strengthen and improve this aspect. It is very important for us to highlight and revaluate all these works, considering the elevated costs they represent for those developing them. A cost that dominating economic dynamics overlook despite the importance it has on sustaining society.

Book-a is a project driven by an environmentally friendly philosophy. For printed publications we manage limited series and adjust them to demand in order to optimise production and the consumption of resources. Furthermore, we work exclusively with certified eco paper, manufactured with post-consumption recycled board, free from bleach and other contaminating products. Similarly, deliveries are meticulously scheduled in order to optimise and reduce the consumption of fuel.

All that is left for us to do is invite you to explore book-a and its projects whose contents are very well cared for and represent the utmost quality. We look forward to enjoying them soon :-)!