Book-a is a cloud  library-club on art and architecture, which is co-created thanks to the work of authors and editors and the support of promoters-readers.

When you acquire a book in Book-a you also get one year subscription to the whole contents available in the cloud library-club. With your contribution you are supporting the work of architects, artists, writers, editors and researchers, as well as backing the whole architecture and art culture. 



Book-a consist on three sections: a platform for crowd-funding books on art and architecture (book-allow). A cloud library club for reading all the books co-funded on book-a (book-ateca); and a tool for creating your own editions by crossing different books (book-across). 

Contents: Book-a starts up launching six crowd-funding campaigns for supporting the six first seed-titles, edited by Vibok Works. Every title launched anticipates a collection in book-a. Thanks to the work of authors and editors and the support of promoters, we will create, produce, translate and incorporate these titles to the Book-ateca.

Rewards: In exchange for financial support, Book-a offers various attractive rewards including exclusive copies from a limited print edition of each book, the possibility to support the authors by sponsoring the delivery of their books to libraries or one year subscription to all contents of the library club.

Campaigns: The campaign for supporting a title consists of two consecutive phases of three months each. The first objective to cover is the printed edition and production of the book in the most demanded language (Spanish or English) and its incorporation to the cloud library club. The second goal is the translation in the other language and its incorporation to the cloud library club. The author will receive 10% of the total amount obtained.

Limits: If after three months from the start of a crowd-funding phase its goal is not covered, we will adjust the print to demand, but only if the campaign covers the edition and production of at least 100 printed copies. We will be flexible with limits for the six first seed-titles.

Guarantees: Vibok Works is committed to editing the electronic version in any case, to provide compensation for the authors, curators and editors involved in the project. Book-a will return their contributions to all promoters of projects that don’t go to print. If you choose a reward in a language that is not translated we will return your contribution as well. However, we will offer promoters to transfer their contribution to another project if they wish.

Shelves: As long as the campaigns cover their goals, the books will fill the shelves of the Book-ateca. Editors and researchers interested in financing their books through book-a and incorporating them to the library-club are welcome.

For more information please visit our F.A.Q.s or contact us at