Shapes, Islands, Texts

Cruz Garcia, Nathalie Frankowski A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto

Shapes, Islands and Text is the first volume of the Intelligentsia collection edited by Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski. Keeping an experimental character, the publication creates a manifesto through the juxtaposition of paintings, poetry, essays, images and objects created through and paralleled to the collaboration Garcia Frankowski.

    29 | 11 | 2014 Produced

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    Title: Shapes, Islands, and Text: a Garcia Frankowski Manifesto

    Authors: Cruz Garcia, Nathalie Frankowski

    Publisher: Vibok Works, INTELLIGENTSIA collection

    ISBN: 978-84-941464-7-3

    Pages: 96 Dimmensions: 15x15 cm

    Illustrations: Color

    Languages: Spanish / English

    Objective: Artist book of a limited edition numbered series of 100.

    Price of the book: 15
    Shipment Costs: 1
    Total amount: 16

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