Architecture, Dadá and Heritage

José Ramón Sierra

The book "Architecture, Dada and Heritage of Mankind" is a work that recognizes the heritage as a vital link to join the world of art and architecture. The result of these investigations Jose Ramon Sierra Delgado picks his teaching in the Master of Architecture and Heritage and PhD courses in ETSAS.

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    This title contains two lines of research of the author, relatively independent, but chronologically coincident.
    For one thing, the whole experience is professor of projects in the Master of Architecture and Heritage, in all editions since its inception in 1995, and responsible for museological practice in the same Master, with special reference to the ideas of CULTURAL HERITAGE, HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY and their different ways of understanding and treating from teaching and architectural creation.
    On the other hand , the work developed from doctoral courses taught by the author at ETSA Seville on " ARCHITECTURE AND DADA " , in which a description of the intense trying and chaotic set of artistic experiences identified and recognized as Dada , with intended to identify wires , however slight they may be, to establish relationships in the art world with the architecture of the moment. These can serve to identify other contacts with the universe of contemporary architecture , to the extent that this universe can be understood as a consequence of that heir or upsetting moment the look and feeling.
    This work is the result of the recognition of the idea of ​​heritage as a vital link between the two fields of thought. Heritage understood as broad visions and understandings set of contradictory and vague border of the territory of the affective personal selections , as fragile besieged fortress of ready -mades and paper cutouts , as pretentious and empty referent for closing statements and protectorate defensive , and also as door way and open the horizon of art.
    This is the only possible scenario where the heartbeat Dada, considered as the most important revolution in the arts of modernity and from which come so much as a fascination with machine and questioning of authorship, recognition of a single transversal and interdisciplinary spirit that binds sounds, words, groans and gestures, where the momentum of the art approaches and touches inheritance of tradition is recognized and perceived as the space where it is born and fed contemporary architecture.
    Heritage and value the heritage and production price and gift, gift, well, borrowing and appropriation, expenditure and surplus. Consumption, disappearance, death and resurrection. The art of trash, waste, recycling, reuse. Recompostura, reform, rehabilitation. Old ghosts indelible, now sharper and stronger than ever.



    This title belongs to the Texts Collection [TXT]: An open space to the publication of critical texts, primarily focused on transdisciplinary research reflection representing a hybridization between different fields of knowledge.


    José Ramon Sierra Delgado. Professor at the E.T.S. of Architecture at the University of Seville since 1996. Architect and painter.
    In his artistic Jose Ramon Sierra stands out was in 1965 awarded the Prix La Pasarela paint and get a 1978 painting Scholarship Foundation Juan March.
    The author, a member of the Editorial Board of the journal "SEPARATE" and during the years 1985 -90 is a member of the Commission of Fine Arts Museum and the Cultural Concierge, work is overlapped with its role as Plan Coordinator Andalusian Museums, during the years 1987-1989.
    From 1920-1999 is Commissioner of the Exhibition Design (Industrial) in Andalusia. Spare author, 1920-1999. Seville, Granada and Puerto de Santa María, 2000.
    Also in 2003-2007 a ​​member of the Comissions (A, B and C) for Quality dels urbanístics projects the City Council of Barcelona.
    Most significant works of architecture:
    The most representative works of José Ramón Sierra Delgado are: Bank Reforms Spain in Seville in 1993, the Colombian Library Seville Cathedral during 1981-1991 Catalan-West Building in Seville from 1987-1991 Rehabilitation Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de las Cuevas, Seville 1987 -1992 and one hundred fifty eight homes in the Airport Industrial Park, Seville in 1994. Currently, Jose Ramon Sierra is in the implementation of the City of Ameria, in 2001.
    Relevant Texts

    1996 LA CASA EN SEVILLA. Electa y Fundación El Monte.

    1996 Sobre EL DESTINO POÉTICO DE LOS OBJETOS COTIDIANOS EN LA CASA DEL ARTISTA NO ADOLESCENTE NO HABITA EL DISEÑO. Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

    1997 MANUAL de DIBUJO de la ARQUITECTURA, etc. Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Construcción


    Author: José Ramón Sierra Delgado
    Format: Paperback
    Dimensions: 17x21
    Illustrations: Color
    Language: Spanish


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