Frequently asked questions


    What is book-a?

    Book-a is an editorial platform consisting of three sections:

    1/ Book-allow: a platform for co-funding books on art and architecture.
    2/ Book-ateca: a cloud library club containing books crowd-funded on book-a donated by the publishers.
    3/ Book-across: a tool for creating your own editions by crossing content from book-a.

    What is book-allow?

    Book-allow is a crowd-funding platform for promoting editorial proyects, translations of books already published, electronic versions of printed books and viceversa.

    What is the trajectory of the campaign on book-allow?

    Each campaign to crowd-fund a title has three possible stages of crowd-funding: the printed edition, the electronic edition and the English language edition.

    What is the book-ateca?

    Book-ateca is a cloud library-club where you can enjoy reading online some of the books crowd-funded on book-a. It is up to the editors to donate to the library the titles co-financied on book-a.

    How can I join the book-ateca?

    All promoters who have supported at least three books are invited to join the book-ateca for one year. Once support has been given to three books, the invitation will be automatically renewed for one year starting from the last contribution.

    What is book-across?

    Book-across is an editing tool designed so that users can create their own editions, remixing a selection of content integrated into the book-ateca. In order to be able to use book-across, you need to have promoted at least one title from all the collections.

    How can I collaborate on book-a?

    You can support us financially, assist us in the dissemination process or contribute by becoming an author or editor in the creation of content, and more. Tell us about how you wish to collaborate. We are looking forward to hearing about your ideas at :-).

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    How can I help spread the word about book-a and its projects?

    “Word of mouth” is essential for giving life to a project. We are pleased to know that our titles and collections have sparked debates and conversations among readers. In addition, you can also help spread the word by way of “virtual word of mouth", sharing bookas and news items that spark your interest on your favourite social networks.
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