Frequently asked questions


    What does book-a offer in exchange for my support?

    In exchange for financial support, book-a offers various attractive compensations including exclusive copies from a limited print edition of each book or the possibility to sponsor the delivery of books to libraries. However, it doesn't stop there.

    Besides that, editors like Vibok Works will donate the titles crowfunded on book-a to the book-ateca, a cloud library-club for the use and enjoyment of the promoters.

    Is every contribution a donation only?

    No. In exchange for your contribution, each sponsor can choose from a wide range of compensations, which can be consulted on the page of each project. They range from the minimum contribution of €9 to sponsoring deliveries to libraries at €250, and also include an electronic and print edition, the book with a dedication from the author or special collector’s editions. Users may also choose not to receive compensation, in which case their support will be considered a donation and users will receive the corresponding certificate.

    Is there an expiration date for the donation campaigns?

    The expiration date is up to publisheres.

    Do I get something back if the production is coming into profit ?

    Yes. Aside from the selected compensation, promoters who provide at least three projects will be entitled to an annual subscription to ALL books that have been donated by the pubishers to the book-ateca.

    What happens if the campaigns didn't reach the limit of the production costs?

    Yes. If a project does not go ahead, we will return contributions to all sponsors. However, sponsors may choose to contribute to another project if they wish.

    What happens if I’ve ordered the book in English and the project doesn’t make it through the second stage?

    In this case, we will give you your contribution back.

    When will I receive my reward?

    Backers will receive news about their rewards when the three month period comes to an end and we've assessed the demand the campaign has had, thus starting the production stage. If a book does not reach 50% of the campaign, the money will be returned to the backers. A print version or a translation of the book will not be produced and neither will it be incorporated into the book-ateca.

    What are backers’ contributions invested in?

    In documentation, the creation and management of content on book-a as well as edition, design and typesetting for various formats, translation, production, delivery and dissemination. And finally, compensation for the intellectual work of those involved.
    The budget of book-a is transparent and can be consulted at all times while the projects are in campaign.

    Is creative and intellectual work remunerated?

    Yes, for book-a the recognition of intellectual work is fundamental as this is the foundation for offering quality content and making reading sustainable. The authors receive 10% of the funds collected and the rest is invested into the production of compensations. A part also goes towards maintaining the platform. Budgets are transparent and can be consulted for each project.

    What payment methods does book-a offer?

    There are two options for promoting a booka: with your credit card using the CAJA DE ARQUITECTOS payment gateway or with the internet payment system Paypal. Both forms of payment are simple, quick to use and entirely safe as they rely on safety measures to prevent password and identity theft.

    In that aspect, we must make it clear that nobody from the book-a team has access to your bank information at any time during the process. The only information shown is your book-a username along with the amount you have contributed and the compensation you have selected. For delivery, the team will have access to the information that you have specified for that purpose.

    What are the levels of use?

    The more book-as are promoted and created, the more people can enjoy the sections and features of this digital environment. To contextualise this feedback, we’ve created six levels of use:

    Level 0: registered user.
    Level 1: promoter.
    Level 2: reader or club member (to enter you must promote at least three books). The members of the book-ateca can enjoy the complete catalogue for one year. To renew, all you have to do is continue to promote.
    Level 3: user who has supported all the collections.
    Level 4: user who has created new content based on the list of titles on book-a.
    Level 5: all authors of book-as and the support network for project dissemination.

    Why is it important to complete my profile with as much information as possible?

    The information you provide about yourself is essential in order for book-a to work properly. It will help you meet other users, favouring exchanges and synergies within the community. For example, your user profile will appear on the interfaces belonging to those people who share the same interests or tastes as you.

    Why to promote a project on book-a?

    When you support a project on book-a, regardless of the compensation you choose, you are contributing to the collective creation of an online shared resource, the book-ateca: a cloud library that brings together all the content promoted on the platform partially or in its entirety according to specifications in each project.

    Backers on book-allow will see this library emerge and grow right before their eyes. Everyone who participates is a co-creator but also takes co-responsibility: That is why the level of use and commitment “feeds back” access to the book-ateca.

    Book-a is a project driven by values such as cooperation, co-responsibility, transparency and permeability. We work in favor of content and people and are critical of the stalemate in the distorted editorial world where mass media displaces that which is meticulous and cared for and where ghost books and reader-less books are more and more abundant.

    Transparency is a value we strive to cultivate in all aspects of book-a by publically sharing all titles and projects from the get-go which remain open to contributions that may arise along the way. The advantages of transparency also apply to financial matters: From the moment it is born until the moment it is incorporated into book-a, each project has a financial trajectory that users can consult at all times.

    Book-a is a project driven by an environmentally friendly philosophy. For printed publications we manage limited series and adjust them to demand in order to optimize production and the consumption of resources. Furthermore, we work exclusively with certified eco paper, manufactured with post-consumption recycled board, free from bleach and other contaminating products. Similarly, deliveries are meticulously scheduled in order to optimize and reduce the consumption of fuel.


    How can I help spread the word about book-a and its projects?

    “Word of mouth” is essential for giving life to a project. We are pleased to know that our titles and collections have sparked debates and conversations among readers. In addition, you can also help spread the word by way of “virtual word of mouth", sharing bookas and news items that spark your interest on your favourite social networks.
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