"Administrative Landscape. Form Follows Norm" is the project proposed by OSS / Angel Borrego Cubero to participate in the exhibition “Learning from the Cuencas” for LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, 2013.

“Administrative Landscape” proposes to revise the solutions found and exposed to learning in the Cuencas Mineras (Coalfields) , from the bureaucratic perspective, of planning, norms and laws that sought to bring order (and still insist on keeping it during full decay) to an activity dominated by economic opportunity, social and geographical chance . The detection of displacements and misalignments of the regulatory or administrative landscape usually imported —the more inappropriate the more powerful are the forces that must order— is part of an overall strategy by OSS to retrieve for individuals some negotiation capacity and action on their immediate environment.

More about 'Leraning from Las Cuencas' here.