'Missbehave' is dedicated to the underground ties between ‘Ostalgia’ and ‘Big Exit’ series by photographer Simona Rota. While ‘Ostalgia’ evokes the effects of monumental buildings and infrastructures subtly displayed in soviet cities as political propaganda, ‘Big Exit’ talks about the tensions between domestic space and its inhabitant, whose appropriation instinct becomes a political act.

This video shows some of the key decission we made while crafting the edition.

Missbehave | Simona Rota from Vibok Works on Vimeo.

Missbehave, as well as the series which includes, is open to subjective interpretations. As for Paula V. Álvarez, editor of the book, Misbehave poses two key questions for architectural practice seen as a way of political agency. Whether architectural and urban projects, as politics, have the power of inhibiting social life, public debate or individual expression, could they also enhance the collective or personal pursuit of a change of life?. As for architects involved in this political agenda, how much is there not to miss?

Missbehave is a limited edition of 100 numbered copies signed by author. Missbehave is available in English or Spanish language. The book includes, along with the series, the short story ‘So it Goes with Dogs’ by author Agustín Fernández Mallo, and the texts ‘Apartment’, ‘Ostalgia’ and ‘Intâmplare’ by Simona Rota, the last being based on the editor’s interview with the artist. Edited by Paula V. Alvarez. Published by Vibok Works, 2013. Crowdfunded at Book-a.net.

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Video Production: Vibok Works

Video Take: Simona Rota
Video Concept: Paula Alvarez / Vibok Works
Production Assistant: Alberto Vilches / Vibok Works
Music: Kevin Mac Leod