Last 19th April Paula Álvarez presented the platform book-a at the Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura in Barcelona (AAAB). On this occasion architect and editor Ricardo Devesa joined Álvarez to present AFFINIS, a collection which he is curating for book-a.

AFFINIS is dedicated to promote and investigate the work of emergent architecture studios which stand out for their quality and their interest on experimentation. The first title of this collection, Passable Orographies, dedicated to the work of Grupo Aranea and Francisco Leiva, has just started precisely at the AAAB. Ricardo Devesa organized a workshop-meeting in order to discuss the topics of environment and landscape in the work of this studio. This sesion was the first step of an editorial route that will continue through the cities of Alicante and Seville.

We wish to thank everyone who came to the event for its curiosity and support, as well as our hosts Irma Arribas and Xavi Bustos of the AAAB, who are developing a great work in this unique space. I was very happy to share book-a with all of you and it was a privilege to have your warm encouragment and feedback.