Book-a is an innovative editorial project that consists on the creation of a library-club "on the cloud" cofinancied, title by title, through crowd-funding.

This projects consists of three sections: 1/ Book-allow: a platform for co-funding books on art and architecture. 2/ Book-ateca: a cloud library club containing all the books co-funded on book-a. 3/ Book-across: a tool for creating your own editions by crossing content from book-a.

Our mission is to connect people and contents, offering a quality, transparent and responsible framework in which diverse co-producing agents (authors, readers, publishers, collaborators, benefactors, etc.) can promote, nurture, enjoy, discuss and prolong high quality content in relation to these subject matters: architecture, art, photography, city, history and theory. With this project we aim to build a new way of cultivating dialogue and critical reflection on the environments we live in and the ways in which we experience, perceive and transform them.

Our anbition is big but the first steps are very simple. Discover what we have been preparing by visiting the first six seed-titles and our colletions.

Finally we start up. Come and see :-)!