What does book-a offer?


Book-a seeks authors, readers, editors, curators, digital flâneurs, curious people and art, architecture, and books lovers, people concerned with visual culture, history and theory. Book-a provides creative and unique works and researches for co-financing and enjoying for them all. 

Based on the books and new technology, book-a offer a quality, transparent and responsible framework in which authors, readers, editors and publishers can promote, nurture, enjoy, discuss and prolong high quality content in relation to these subject matters: architecture, art, photography, city, history, theory and criticism.

Book-a offers many different ans attractive rewards for backers co-finacing the books, including exclusive copies of a limited edition, signed books by authors, e-books, the possibility of sponsoring a delivery for libraries and subscription to the library-club on the clouds that we all are coproducing. The single support given to any title will fuel the benefit of the community. 

It is up to ediotrs to donate their titles crowfunded in Book-a to the library-cloud we are currently developing. Promoters that have puechased a book in Book-a will get one year suscription to the whole library. To renew the suscription you only have to purchase a new title through Book-a. 

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