We wish to thank our collaborators for all their love, dedication and comminment in order to bring this risky project into reality. 

We are glad to work with Simona Rota, Ángel Martínez García-Posada, Plácido González Martínez, Pau de Solà Morales, Ángel Borrego Cubero, Ricardo Devesa, Marta García, Paco Leiva, Francisco Cruz y Julián Cánaves. We wish to thank all of them for the energy and illusion devoted for this projetc. We feel very lucky to work with them. 

We wish to express our gratitud to Julian Canaves, developer of book-a code, for his efficency, accuracy and patience, also for his kindness while guiding us in order to achieve an optimal usability and to improve the finish of the platform.

Although they are no longer with us, we wish to thank Daniel Gómez Blasco and CALC for their contribution and for being part of this project. We are in special debt with the Fundacion Fuentes Abiertas and Platoniq, which open source code for Goteo platform provided a basis for developing the code for book-allow. Furthermore, Goteo has been an stimulus and inspiration.

We wish to thank our families and friends as well, for their love and care. In these arid times  it would have been impossible to carry out a work such as book-a without them. Last but not least, thanks to all backers for their invaluable contribution:

DJ Arquitectura / Suso Vázquez / Federico García Barba / Ella Galán / Simona Rota / Eme 3 / Juan Antonio Sánchez Muñoz / Alicia Gomis / Jesús Fuentes / Linamaki / Alfonso / Ibán Ramón / Sergio / Marta García / Paco Leiva / Valentín Trillo / Yuri Palmin / Julián Cánaves / MellaMel / Dietmar Steiner / Ruxandra Ivan / Javi Pérez / María y Juanjo / Plácido González / Jose Mayoral / Juan Pedro / Abraham y Vir / Adrian Bratfanof / mgcasasola / derishus / Francisco Cruz / Carmen Benítez / Paula Álvarez / Manuel Cansino Arquitectura / Pablo Sendra Fernández / bRijUNi architects / Juan Margolles / Miguel y Mariví / José María Rodrigo / Arquitextonica / Rubens / Carlos García Vázquez / Magui González / Juan Roldán / Cruz García / David Martinezlo / Egle Bazaraite / Jaumet / Rosa Mariagal / Carlos Tapia / Paco Marques / BSO Arquitectura / César García Guerra / Sacm / Luís Toledo / Íñigo García Odiaga / Manuel Saga / Serrat Mon