What is book-a?


Book-a is a cloud-project based on books, technology and crowdfunding. It was created with the aim of enhacing critical reflection on the environments we inhabit and the ways we experience and transform them —from the point of view of different fields of practice and knowedledge.

Book-a is a quality, transparent and responsible frame in which authors, readers, editors, publishers and other agents can cultivate and enjoy high quality contents related to these topics. As part of this frame, every editorial project launched in Book-a includes a diary in which authors and editors share the concept and the process of the project.

Book-a is a shared infraestructure. Crowdfunding books while they are in process will help editors to produce their projects. It is up to editors to donate the electronic version of their book co-financied in Book-a, in order to form a library-cloud for promoters we are currently developing: the Book-ateca. 

Research groups and independent editors and publishers who wish to be a part of book-a may join with their own brand or collection, contributing with publications and books that explore our topics and seek to be crowd-funded at book-a. Part of the revenue from crowd-financing is intended to support the platform itself (maintenence, hosting, users service etc). 

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For further information please contact us at colabora@book-a.net.