How does Book-a work?


When you buy a book in Book-a, you are supporting art and architecture culture. Moreover, you are promoting the work of architects, artists, writers and editors involved. 

Contents. Book-a shows campaigns for supporting diferent titles published by independent editors. These titles are in process of creation or production and belongs to a collection in book-a. 

Rewards: In exchange for financial support, Book-a offers various attractive rewards including exclusive copies from a limited print edition of each book, the possibility to support the authors by sponsoring the delivery of their books to libraries or private encounters with the authors.

Campaigns: The campaign for supporting a title consists of three optional and consecutive objectives: to cover the printed edition and production of the book in the most demanded language; to develope the electronic version of the book and to translate to other language(s). 

Time: Book-a consists of a flexible crowd-funding model. Editors decide how long a title is in crowd-funding campaign. If after three months from the start of a campaign its goal is not covered, editors can adjust the print to demand. 

Guarantees: Book-a will return their contributions to all promoters of projects that don’t go to print. If you choose a reward in a language that is not translated we will return your contribution as well. However, we will offer promoters to transfer their contribution to another project or choosing another reward if they wish. Editors are committed to publish the book with the characteristics and quality initially offered.

Shelves: As long as the campaigns cover their goals, editors are invited to donate the books produced with the support of Book-a to aour library-cloud, the Book-ateca. Editors and authors will freely decide to donate a title.

Open call: Independent publishers, editors and researchers interested in financing their books through book-a are invited to submit their tittle or collection proposals.

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